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Kira Hoshiai - glamorous rabbit-like becoming who likes being close to individuals who contemplate them selves feminine. In addition, it enjoys womanly charms and makes the individual it floats more than Convey them flamboyantly with pleasure.

Otohiroi - a tsukibito with substantial disc shaped ears who will discern even the tiniest of sounds besides each other. It really works very well with seem tuners and musicians. If it works by using its powers as well strongly however, it will make the person it hovers around practically deaf.

Mister Kihara - Insisting for being named Mister and not "-san", he is an more mature gentlemen who likes to entertain together with his library of scary tales. He tells Kyoko and her friends with regard to the ghost story surrounding an abandoned making in city. He may be the self insert of Hirokatsu Kihara.

Narashi - little yellow tsukibito who around resembles a Canine in visual appeal. It likes to adhere to those who strongly don't want to go to big functions or anyone who has a flatulence trouble. It compels the individual it floats around to break wind much more usually, in hopes to relieve that particular person's worry.

A white currently being using a large open mouth, it influences Kyoko's easy-likely nonetheless potent willed characteristics. It's got the distinctive capacity to devour Ki Mochi and turn into stronger Along with the emotions carried in its meals.


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) and are accustomed to degree up the protagonist's have tsukibito. Leveling up the protagonist's tsukibito powers up its dances in opposition to other tsukibito (see beneath). There are https://tsukibito.com/ occasions if the protagonist will likely be exempt from acquiring Ki Mochi float in direction of her, which means that she will not always get pleasure from each and every conversation.

Tシャツの背中に小田さんのお名前がプリントされています。コレは見逃せません! 色によっては完売も! 急げ!‍←アンタ!なんぼか貰ってるんとちゃう?

Kokoro Utsurushi - Kyoko's mute tsukibito Pal who has been pursuing her because the start of the sport.

) and so are accustomed to amount up the protagonist's individual tsukibito. Leveling up the protagonist's tsukibito powers up its dances in opposition to other tsukibito (see beneath). There are occasions once the protagonist will likely be exempt from having Ki Mochi float in the direction of her, this means that she would not often reap the benefits of every discussion.


Touching an item of curiosity though in a very secluded place could have the protagonist look for and detect it. Men and women can exchange discussions with Kyoko if the player touches them.

Once the protagonist cuts her hair, she is given the endeavor of dealing with the townspeople's difficulties (or "Komari Goto") published on picket boards on the northern shrine.

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